About Us

Dev Industrial Coatings, An Iso 9001:2008 Certified Company, Is One Of The Leading Manufacturers Of High Performance Industrial Paints Exclusively Meeting To The Needs Of Several Large, Medium And Small Industrial Enterprises In The Public And Private Sectors, For Over Two Decades.

Our product spectrum includes

  • 2 pack Polyurethanes
  • 2 pack Epoxies
  • Stoving& Quick Dry Enamels
  • Chlorub& Chemical Resistant coatings
  • Heat Resistant paints
  • Marine paints
  • Complete range of primers & thinners.
  • Customised Coatings

Some of the industrial segmentswe cater to

  • Industrial machinery such as SPMs
  • Electrical cable machinery
  • Earth moving &construction machinery
  • Material Handling Equipments
  • Automobile body building
  • Electrical & Telecom Industry
  • Chemical & Fertilizer plants
  • Storage tanks, pipelines, boilers.
  • Sports goods & Amusement parks.

Our thrust areas

  • Agricultural machinery
  • All our products are tailor made to customer specifications.
  • Recommend suitableand cost effective paint system
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