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Product Description

"Nagarjuna"Etch primer is a two component air drying system comprising of base and activator.lt has poly vinyl butyral resin along with Zinc tetroxy chrome pigment and conforms to IS 5666-1970. It is also known as wash primer.

Recommended Use

Each primer is applied on metal surfaces like galvanized steel, aluminium,tin etc. Etch primer gives a very thin adhesive coating for further application of primer or finish paint.


1 Finish Matt
2 Shade Yellow
3 Standard coverage 12-13 sq.mts/lt.
8 Specific Gravity 0.8 kg/It.
9 Touch Dry 15 minutes
10 DFT 5 microns

Application System

1 Mixing Ratio Base:Activator 1:1 by volume
1 Method of application Airless spray /Brush
2 Compatible Thinner N.A
3 Recoatable interval 6 hours
3 Packing 201trs
4 Storage Life As long as the containers
are kept firmly sealed, the
contents can be stored up to 6
months without deterioration

Specifications, and data given above represent test results obtained under controlled Conditions. These may vary under actual circumstance

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