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Nagarjuna Polycoat PII 2k- Polyurethane Paint

Product Description

Nagarjuna'Tolycoat PII is a two component polyurethane paint with very good colour retention and gloss, the coating is resistant to chemicals, water, petrol, mineral oils, marine corrosion and Industrial atmospheres. It has good impact and abrasion resistance.

Recommended Use

Long lasting finish coat on a variety of substrates such as metal, wood FRP, Concrete etc.


1 Finish High Gloss/semi-gloss/matt
2 Shade Any shade as per RAL, IS : 5
3 Standard coverage 9-10sq.Mts/lts
4 Specific gravity 1.0-1.2Kg/ltr
5 Flash point 31C
6 Touch Dry Less than 30minute
7 Surface Dry 2 hour
8 Hard Dry 12 hours
9 Scratch Hardness(min) 2000 gms
10 DFT 25 microns

Application System

1 Mixing Ratio Part A: Part B 3:1 by volum
2 Method of application Airless Spray/Air spray/Brush
3 Compatible Thinner "Nagarjuna" PU Part-C
4 Compatible Primer "Nagarjuna"2K Polycoat Primer
5 Pot Life 6hours
6 Recoatable interval 6hours
7 Packing 20Lts
8 Storage Life As long As the material
remains unmixed and the
containers are kept firmly
sealed,the contents can be
stored upto6 months without

Specifications, and data given above represent test results obtained under controlled Conditions. These may vary under actual circumstance


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